Carbon Freeze is a frozen goods distributor, based in Rustenburg serving the greater North West province.

We pride ourselves on the execution required by our clients and always try to exceed the highest possible customer satisfaction level.

Our Mission

To provide a friendly, trustworthy customer driven service, delivered in a motivated, ethical and responsible manner by our caring team at Carbon Freeze.

We aim to ensure that the lives of our clients are always enriched by their positive experience with us and to maintain happy and loyal customers all year round.

Our product mission is to distribute the finest quality products accurately, timelessly and efficiently as part of our continued commitment to our clients.

Our Stratergy

We currently serve customers in our allotted area on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis. We are contractually and ethically bound to deliver premium products at their required specifications and as a team we pride ourselves on efficient operations and outstanding customer service.

We regularly pursue on-going reviews for our Customer Service and Route Reviews in an ever changing market, in order to maximise earning and growth potential to our customers.

Partner of GDS Frozen Distribution - National Sales & Logistics Service Provider

National: 087 152 0237 | info@glacialds.co.za | www.glacialds.co.za

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